About us

Anne & Kaarina Metz have run Stal Metz since 2012.
Kaarina has a ViT trainer base and she is experienced competition rider. Anne is working on the training for Tellington TTouch practioner.


what we do

  • We train Icelandic and Gelderland horses and  have the Icelandic stallions Ægir frà Móbergi and Bragi frá Ytri-Skógum for breeding.
  • We organize courses to our guests (Icelanders only).
  • Our facilities can be rented for a day or part of the day. Contact us for further information.
Our 250 m oval track 

Our 250 m oval track 

Spacious 30 x 70 meter hall

Spacious 30 x 70 meter hall

We have the following facilities

  • Spacious hall of 30 x 70 meters with a dressage track and (unique in the Netherlands) an oval track
  • 250 m oval track outside
  • Outside bin 20 x 35 m Sed
  •  Step / trotting mill. 
  • Lunging circle
  • Canteen